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Maps and Directories of OAA, OGA, and OSA

OAA→Office of Academic Affairs

OGA→Office of General Affairs

OSA→Office of Student Affairs


Location of OAA, OGA, and OSA (CTRL+Mouse scroll wheel to zoom in/out)

1st Floor Administration Building

3rd Floor Administration Building

Sports Center

General Education Building

Website directory:

Office of Academic Affairs:

The Registration Division provides services for enrollments,

inquiry about grades, credit transfer and waivers, and applications of documents

such as student ID, enrollment/graduation certificate.

http://aa.npust.edu.tw/2-1.htm (Chinese only)


The Curriculum Division provides support and guidance about general

curriculum laws and rules, particularly with respect to graduation requirements,

options for taking courses, leaves, summer course registration, and off-campus internship.

http://aa.npust.edu.tw/2-2.htm (Chinese only)


The General Academic Affairs Division is mainly responsible for student recruitment.

http://aa.npust.edu.tw/2-3.htm (Chinese only)


Office of Student Affairs:

The General Service Division is responsible for providing traffic violation appeal.

http://ga.npust.edu.tw/index.php?page=menu_list&DP_Pa=NjQ0&DPID=NzI4 (Chinese only)


The Cashier Division collects tuitions and accommodation fees.

http://ga.npust.edu.tw/index.php?page=menu_list&DP_Pa=NjQ1&DPID=NzMw (Chinese only)


The Documentation Division is responsible for receiving and

distributing all incoming mails and packages (Mailroom)

http://ga.npust.edu.tw/index.php?page=menu_list&DP_Pa=NjQ2&DPID=NzMy (Chinese only)


Office of Student Affairs:

The Life Guidance Division assists students with campus housing and military services.

http://osa.npust.edu.tw/files/11-1074-7551.php?Lang=zh-tw (Chinese only)

The Extracurricular Activities Division provides services including student clubs and activities.

http://osa.npust.edu.tw/files/11-1074-7552.php?Lang=zh-tw (Chinese only)


The Health Promotion Center provides services including health

examinations and student health insurance.

http://osa.npust.edu.tw/files/11-1074-7553.php?Lang=zh-tw (Chinese only)


The Student Counseling Center offers mental counseling and counseling

for disabled students.

http://osa.npust.edu.tw/files/11-1074-7554.php?Lang=zh-tw (Chinese only)